Artist Statement

For me, the essence of painting is pure intent. It is its own act, has its own evolution and creates its own reality that is separate from, and yet in essence is equal to, the observable balance in nature. There is no formula for navigating the unknown and I don’t use nature as a starting point. There is only the sense of what works and what doesn’t. Creating lines or a field of color suggests additional lines and fields of color — creating a space wherein resolutions can be reached. I try to avoid preferences, giving free rein to unexpected occurrences that give rise to a suggested direction. Each new painting, therefore, is a new experience and a challenge involving elements that must be resolved in order for the subject matter to reveal itself. The completion of a painting occurs when all relevant points line up; that is to say, when the viewer (myself included) experiences an emotional attachment to the work through an awakening of their own inner world.

Recent work (since 2002)

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