For those of you who are interested in reading a hitchhiking memoir from the psychedelic seventies, please consider my new book Gentleman of the Road: A Hitchhiking Memoir of the 1970s. It’s a coming of age story of my girlfriend and I as we crisscrossed Canada and the States searching for a place to settle down. What distinguishes this tale from other “on the road” stories is that I used the I Ching for guidance in determining the proper action for the random situations that arise on such a trip. It also led to finding a place to stop and the consequent discovery of my real father.

Gentleman of the Road, published by Between the Lines Publishing, is available online from the publisher’s website or may be ordered from any fine bookstore near you.

Night Palaces is a collection of mostly surrealist-inspired poems culled from a lifetime of writing poetry. The book is divided into sections that suggest the passages of both a day and a life. The final section of the book consists of two essays: one offers a surrealist narrative of the American landscape, and the other briefly critiques Rahsaan Roland Kirk’s song The Inflated Tear. The author’s paintings illustrate the book. Available through Amazon.

A catalog of my work from 2002 to 2018. Available from